See Ordering a Movie in our News section as a Photo guide Step by Step Be sure to click on the Arrow next to movie name to choose Option and see Pricing. See this link > https://www.boundheat.com/news/show/42 All Orders must be completed in our Shop You need to REGISTER, and then VERIFY your EMAIL address via link sent to you, check bulk and spam folders and then Create an order in the shop
Click on My Account, there is a link for Forgot Password, fill in your email address you had Verified and a new password will be sent to it, you can change this later on when logging into My Account, there is a section to Change Password. Please check your Spam folder or Bulk Email folder in case the email was not delivered to your Inbox and set your mail server settings to make sure our primary email is delivered to your inbox for future communication when needed. When Registering, our system sends out automated email with Verification link, it is necessary to Verify with that link to Activate Account, please check your Spam or Bulk Mail folders if your mail server settings did not deliver to your Inbox Another reason of not receiving the Verification email to Activate account is due to Typos in entering email address. Please check email address carefully.
Currently the films are NOT available for Download, but are STREAMING which are compatible with almost all operating systems and devices with fast stable internet connection.
Streaming HD is a larger file size with a higher resolution movie that you maintain viewing access to, streaming SD is a smaller file standard definition and is only a rental, that has time and viewing limitations to 3 views within 48 hours Our earliest movies were shot on 35 mm and the resolution is different then newer movies.
We have discontinued DVD formats and shipments. All of our films are Streaming HD version do not have limitations for viewing the licenses do not expire. SD versions Rentals and have limitations for viewing time.
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You just need to log into your Account using the email address Registered (if not in use any longer, you can still enter the old email address or user name and only need to remember the password you had set up, then upon login, you need to change your email address to the current one and ensure it is an Active functioning address. If you change email address and no longer know the password to the account on this site, you need to contact us. To find any of your previously purchased Films, just log in and there should there be a need to reset the links for some reason, simply use the Contact form and tell us what film, and approximately what date you had purchased and any details of errors incurred so we can re set your links for you.
Your purchased films are all in your Account, but first please Request New Password. Your password was encrypted, with the move to the newly redesigned site back in 2016, your password could not be copied to the database. Click on Account, then Password not working link and a new password will be sent to you, which you can later change. If still not working, your account may require unlocking, please send us an email with description of the issue and we will take care of it for you. Please note, all new Registrations require that your Email Address is verified, our system auto generates a verification email, please look in your spam or bulk mail folder if not seen within a few minutes in your in box.
All new registrations after October 28, 2016 will add a user name on registration, that user name or your wmail address can be used to Login Registrations prior to October, 2016 please login with your email address, this is your user name. Returning previously Registered customers need to reset passwords for first visit back to site, your password was encrypted and could not be copied over to the new site.
The films are Streaming, (there is a half minute delay before film will start to play) when your Order has successfully completed the payment transaction you will be notified by a successful payment page and you can then go to your Account or later log back into your Account and under Purchased see the links to watch the film. They will open in your internet browser, all you require is a fast and stable internet connection. Please note, the films do Not download, they are Streaming. DVD's contained in slimboxes with artwork are shipped via discreet post in plain white bubblewrap envelopes without any external reference to the films contained inside. Choose NTSC for Japan, North American and Brazil and Pal format for the rest of the world and they will play on dvd players and in computer dvd drives.
In addition to the terms within our AUP (acceptable use policty) see link on bottom of main page of website outlining terms of use, please NOTE: any sharing of your account, password, and or uploading or file sharing in whole or part of any of our films is considered a copyright violation, is in direct violation with the usage of our website and will result in permanent suspension, and removal of any and all paid content by you and reporting to all payment processors violation lists for likely subsequent suspension to other sites as well as notice to wherever they are uploaded for google delisting. The AUP incorporates also our User Afreement which is considered accepted by you and agreed to upon completion of payment transaction of an order whether as digital delivery of streaming links to account or as Dvd. Orders of Digital films as Streaming are not refundable, your order is considered complete and available to view and as such cannot be refunded.
You need to have a fast stable internet connection. If your ISP throttles or caps your Streaming speed you may encounter playback problems, we cannot prevent issues that maybe caused by your internet connection. It is important that you also have a fast computer with available space as when you have less then 15 percent space available on your hard drive, even though you are only streaming and not downloading a movie, the lack of space on your hard drive will cause slow down with your computer. The films will play on tablets, but usually tablets you are using a wireless connection, so it is also important that your Wifi is fast and stable. Other issues could arise depending on your network settings, if you are being a firewall or if you are using a VPN with shared access usually causing slower speeds. Ideally, a newer faster device, pc or mac or tablet with fast stable internet without network barriers will allow the best possible smoothest playback situation.
1) If you had account prior to new site October 2016, you need to create a new password. Log in using the email address used prior, but first click Forgot Password, a new password is sent to this email address, and you must then click the links to follow procedure to create new password associate with that account 2) When a New Account is set up, the system generates an automated email response with link for you to click in order to Verify your email address. Having a functional and verified email is essential to proceed. When you have Verified your Email address you can log in and the account will be activated. If you have any problems with log in please contact us and provide the email address used and or user name.
There is up to a half minute delay before the streaming starts after clicking the play button, dependent on your settings, isp connection to the server. Be patient, please, good things come to those who wait :-)
This is Not required to buy a Film Do not add to an order this Misc.OrderServiceCharge unless directed by staff This is just an option we have programmed into the shop that is used to pay for a variety of additional miscellaneous costs that might be associated with order substitutions to cover administrative charges or packaging and other miscellaneous costs.
You must Register and then Verify a functional email address for your Account to be Activated in order to purchase films. Our system will auto generate an email to the address entered with the verification link Please check your spam mail folder or bulk mail fo,ser if not received to your inbos within a fewxminutes of completing Registration.
BoundHeatAfterDark.com is our sister site we created to provide the same quality of productions but in shorter format (app.25 minute) episodic form and for lower costs due to shorter durations. The story lines follow through to the end of each Season but are each available to be purchased separately. The BhAD site is managed by Boundheat.com. You do need to Register separately as the Databases are not linked, but can use same email address and password you use on Boundheat.com Be sure to check your inbox for the Activation email containing the Verification link to activate your Account. If not located in your inbox, possibly because of your mail server settings, then check your Spam or Bulk Mail boxes also. Remember it is essential in order to be sure of providing your licenses and being able to communicate regarding any issues, that our primary email addresses are set up to pass your mail server spam settings. Without a functional email address that is Verified, you will not be able to purchase or receive tech support.
The ability to smoothly stream to your device is dependent on the processing speed of your device, any bandwidth restrictions set by your ISP, and your network connections including your router. Some routers will only be able to handle a certain number of resources at once, too many requests on the wifi can impair the ability to stream. Watch the progress bar which is a different band that moves across the playback bar. Allow the data stream to properly reach your device and remain ahead of the playback (the video playback cannot play what is still trying to reach the device) as long as the progress bar indicating the amount of data sent to the device remains ahead of the playback, it will be find. Always wait a minute for buffering before playback and then pause if it is needed because of slow resources or issues with your hardware or software, for another minute. Streaming is designed for faster devices with a full contingent of available bandwidth. We cannot control if your ISP limits your bandwidth but will always try our best to assist you with any issues.
Sales, discounts, and their date expirations change and vary. If there is a Discount available enter the code listed and then apply during the Checkout process. It will show the new amount, then continue to the payment processor. Check the link in the text on the home page referencing Sales and Discounts. If there is a current Discount available the coupon code will be listed.
It is possible you had not Activated your Account via VERIFY your Email Address from the link sent to the address provided. It could be that during Registration you could have a minor typo in email address so it is not deliverable (eg.yaho.co instead of yahoo or .co instead of .com etc) (and therefore you do not receive the link to activate) Try to register again, if you had filled in your email address correctly you will not be able to use it again. In that case, check your Bulk or Spam folder in case your email server settings did not deliver the activation link to your inbox. If unable to find that email to Verify email address, please contact us.
Please do contact us for assistance.The payment processor cannot assist with any technical issues, so it is essential you contact us. Please provide details in order to save time in troubleshooting. Please tell us the email address used for the purchase, type of license, HD or SD and name of film, and exact error message received, also your operating system, and or device, your browser and its version can all be helpful to resolve the situation sooner. Did you wait up to one minute depending on the speed of your device and connection for buffering after clicking play? First your browser should boot up and then will be slight delay (can be up to a minute, depending on the speed of your device and connection) before playback begins. Please do allow initially the streaming to remain ahead of the playback (see the bar at bottom of player) as that allows your device to be receiving the film ahead of playback. Because customers are located all around the world and our technical and administrative staff is possibly in a different time zone, please allow a day for reply, we do not have technical staff working 24/7 to respond immediately, please do allow a day for reply in some cases, it can be much sooner, but please do be assured we will do our best to assist with troubleshooting and find a resolution as quickly as possible.

Please visit Epoch.com our authorized sales agent

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