A Short Teaser to entice you while waiting for our Newest Lesbian Slave Movie - coming Very soon

09 December 2018

Enjoy this Teaser from our Newest Lesbian Slave Film - and it is just Part One of a Trilogy - yes, 3 films, not just one are coming your way. (but of course, one at a time) and yes it is true, many good things do come to those who wait :-)

Our gorgeous demanding Lesbian Mistresses will be very busy controlling those sexy teen Slaves. They must earn their keep, they must satisfy their Mistress's every sexual desire or there will be consequences, yes there might be punishments o'plenty.

Part One will be arriving for release very soon, if Santa does not bring you all you want, just wait a few more days, you will get more then you knew you wanted!

Remember, its of course always dependent on your connection, but if you let the teaser buffer first for several seconds, you will see the bar move across and then will play fine.