The Chained Rose

Lesbian Lust transcends time

Three beautiful young women find themselves caught in a nightmare as a trip to a depraved lesbian noblewoman's medieval castle they find themselves drawn back into time to become her sexual playthings. Can they escape her madness, control and depravity and safely return to present day?
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Lucie Haluzikova
Lucie Haluzikova
Mia Me
Mia Me
Vladka Kopalova
Vladka Kopalova
Kira Reed
Kira Reed


This Rose is captivating

I am so happy to see once more the beautiful Marie. She draws me in every time. Here she is under a spell and in an evil women from history's castle. Kira Reed is wonderful, she has such strong acting. I also like the sword action, so different with the erotic story.
talou February 17, 2021 08:11

chained rose action and sex my fave subjects

This is a library classic but at this price no problemo. I love the sword fighting women, that is very sexy. Kira Reed as the crazed noblewoman really delivers a fine performance, so unexpected but she has acting chops. The babes are babeolicious as expected and there are plenty of eye candy here
modpar February 17, 2021 08:48


asdfsadfsdafsd GREAT
poyone hub April 5, 2021 07:50

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