From our Classics library today

19 February 2021

We have released a classic from our library.

Newly remastered in 2021A Chained Rose has a bit of everything, action, sword flighting, fantasy, beautiful sensual slaves, punishments.

A trio of beautiful young women find themselves mysteriously drawn back to medieval times when visiting the castle of an infamous sadistic lesbian who is determined to hold her spell over the centuries. They undergo many tests with numerous other young women enslaved in the grasp of a madwoman. But will they be able to break the spell and return to the present? The HD streaming version is at a super introductory price. 

Unfortunately DVD format for this film is not available as we are considering to discontinue our DVD sales. Obtaining the best quality DVD discs for mastering is becoming more problematic as less and less manufacturers have the reliable supply required and those who did supply the most compatible discs for not only computers but numerous brands of stand alone dvd players are discontinuing. We may need to accept that DVD discs will soon be going the way of VHS.

With the overwhelming vast majority of our customers ordering streaming for quite some time we had to come to the conclusion that the costs and time involved to create DVD masters will not be sustainable. Streaming is readily and easily available and not affected by any postal slow downs involved by Covid shut downs or holidays.

We do recognize and appreciate the loyalty over the years of our many dedicated DVD customers who may wish to complete their own library of BHF titles that have become collectors items. As the supply of our titles in DVD format becomes reduced, the prices will be going up so if these formats are important to you, be sure to peruse the titles still available in DVD and order soon. And please do take the leap to the future, streaming is very easy, convenient and very reliable. 

Check with us if there is a specific DVD you are looking for and we will check if there is still some stock available

We are hopeful of returning to production once the Covid situation permits safe shooting conditions and our talent is able to travel here once again and will be releasing further news.